DGNB New Urban Districts

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 Hiermee is de duurzaamheidsprestatie van niet enkel een gebouw, maar van een heel gebied te beoordelen.

This scheme also complies with the basic DGNB philosophy and takes the following fields into account: Environmental Quality, Economic Quality, Sociocultural and Functional Quality, Technical Quality, and Process Quality. Site Quality is integrated here as a criterion for assessment. And of course, great emphasis was placed on practicality in the certification of urban districts.
In its all-encompassing scope, the new scheme covers all of the relevant issues in sustainable building: from a district’s structure to the proportion of open spaces, occupancy flexibility, sustainable mobility, and questions of maintenance, management, and cleaning. A life cycle assessment is also conducted for city districts as is done in the assessment system for buildings.
The assessment focuses on the areas between buildings in a district, such as sidewalks, bike lanes, roads, and green spaces. In addition, overriding concepts are also taken into consideration, for instance for energy, water, and waste.
The basic conditions for the development of buildings in the district play a major role. The buildings themselves do not need to be certified for district certification. Because urban districts are developed over a long time frame in multiple phases, a pre-certificate and a certificate can be awarded in accordance with the DGNB philosophy.
However, in this case two types of certificates are awarded in light of the long construction phase. The first certificate, which has a term of five years, can be awarded when 75 percent of utility connections have been completed. The second is of unlimited duration and is awarded when 75 percent of the buildings have been completed
Status: Market version New urban districts, version 2012



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